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Please consider the following guidelines: indicate your phone and fax number without country code, indicate the address with which the company is registered by the responsible tax office and consider that you have to type in your data like company name, address etc. with Latin/Roman alphabet characters.

In case of questions adding your bank- and/or tax-data, please contact our support (SCFLieferanten@draexlmaier.de).

For all other questions and problems concerning the registration, please contact the Supplier Portal Support (DRX-SupplierPortal@draexlmaier.de).

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We want to communicate via EDI whenever possible.

You find our datasheet, specification and all relevant information on EDI on our Supplier Portal

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Delivery Schedules via E-mail

If our preferred communication way via EDI is not possible, we can send delivery schedules via E-mail.

As you are able to receive delivery schedules via E-Mail

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